Kitsuae - Wink by Nachooz

What mic do you use?

At the moment I use a Blue Yeti mic.

What program do you use for your covers?
Adobe Audition.

What program do you use for your mixes?
FL studio 12.

Can I use your lyrics?
Yes but please give credit and let me know!! 🙂

Can I use your cover/video?
Please send me a message so I know where it’s being used.

What is the best way to contact you?
For business inquiries: DulcetRefrain@gmail.com
Otherwise I have a Discord! 

Do you take requests?
Not quite, but if someone requests something I will take a look at it. n__n If it doesn’t suit me or I don’t like it I generally won’t but if it peaks my interest then I’ll give it a shot!

Will you collab/duet with me?
Send me a message so we can talk about it. Usually I prefer to do things on my own but I love meeting new people and collabs can be really fun sometimes!

How long does it take for you to make a cover?
Depends on the song but if I’m making the lyrics and instrumental as well as singing it can take a few days to a few months.

Have you had any musical training?
Umm, I had piano and drumming lessons when I was a lot younger but that’s all.

Will you add me on -insert game here-?
I usually won’t add people unless I know them well, sorry. ><

Who are the characters you use in your illustrations?
The split hair one with different colored eyes is Kitsuae, the silver haired one is Genoveva and the blonde one with pink eyes is Fenyiae.

Who drew your banner/YT outro?
Both Hyanna-Natsu and Yamio have made channel art for me.

For other questions check here!


  1. This is more of a music recording question and I did click the link for where questions go but they were more about your lifestyle and I don’t really know where this question should go… You don’t even have to answer it, but anyway… I was wondering, I have a gaming headset with a built in microphone and I was wondering if that would for the replacement for the Blue Yeti microphone. I don’t exactly have 130 dollars… Sorry if I wasted your time by you reading this stupid question..


    • Hello! Built in microphones usually aren’t very good for recording, but that’s alright to start with. If you can save up for an actual stand alone microphone though, that would work a lot better than your headphone mic. :3


  2. Hi! Would a good raise from computer built in parts be earbuds with a mic in it?


  3. DaDragon1340 says:

    Do you frequently check scial media (via:instagram,snapchat- what evs u got) or do u check like once a month? [Im asking this because sometimes people abandon thier accounts]


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