I’ll quit healing lyrics (Overwatch)

I am done, I am through
I am not healing you all
If you keep on pressing X,
I swear I’ll switch to DPS
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Articuno’s song lyrics (Pokemon)

Caught in the storm with nowhere else to hide
Somehow moving even slower than time
Lift that grayscale world from your view
Let me fill it with sparkling blue hues
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Cursed Shinshu field lyrics (Okami)

Our voices, thin like paper
Follow the scent of flowers
Even as we wither,
our arms reach to you
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Cynder’s song lyrics (Legend of Spyro)

Star flooded fields
Can I stay here?

Beyond the boundaries,
A place only we see
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Lavender Lament lyrics (Pokemon)

Blanketed by darkness,
a soft canvas

Colored in lavender
like the flowers
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Pokemon Tower lyrics (Pokemon)

Once again, they come my way
What kind of gifts will they bring today?
Simple gestures have so much to convey
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Wep’keer lyrics (Okami)

In his hand it shines,
silver like the moon
Behind him they call
that he will be their downfall
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Rain Veil lyrics (Original song)

Rumors and myths carried on the wind
Enticing stories of never ending rainbows
Somewhere beyond a bright horizon
But I’ve already said farewell to the heavens
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Darker yet darker lyrics (Undertale)

“Beware of the man
Who speaks with his hands

Beware of the man
Who’s not of this land”

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Kuusou Mesorogiwi English lyrics (Yousei Teikoku)

Consentēs Diī Iūnō Iuppiter
Minerva  Apollo  Mars  Ceres
Mercurius  Diāna  Bacchus
Volcānus  Plūtō  Vesta  Venus
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