Calamari Inkantation original lyrics (Splatoon)

Go with the flow
Tapping, tapping, feet tap to the beat against the melody

Follow its lead, there’s no point fighting with the chorus
It’ll guide you, you can bet, bet, bet
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Tide goes out original lyrics (Splatoon)

Dancing towards an endless sky,
They’re caught up in our song
(Caught up in our song)
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Love love nightmare English lyrics (Vocaloid)


Like a warning, in a dream, I saw it
Our world submerged deep under water
Alone, only you and I were left there standing
What an absurd situation!
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Mipha’s Grace original lyrics (Legend of Zelda)

Tormented by my regrets
Seemingly, it would never end
Such feelings, so bittersweet
Graced with the one who set me free
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Hirari hirari English lyrics (Vocaloid)

Unravelling like the change of seasons,
Reach and grab hold of these scattered ties
Embrace them all tighly, don’t loosen your grip
So none of them are lost
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Mimikyu’s facade original lyrics (Pokemon)

A knockoff facade

Living through an adorable guise (Under a guise),
Patching all through the night
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Alola!!! English lyrics (Pokemon)

Standing around, wasting time, is just not my style
With the sun, the moon, Pokemon and my pal Pikachu,
I’ll try and set out on a head-turning adventure!
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Tribe of the Heavenly Kami original lyrics (Okami)

Patiently, she watches this world covered in darkness
Saddened by all the tears that we have shed
Like a shooting star blazing through the night sky,
She’ll brighten the future ahead
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Dreams of Trico original lyrics (The Last Guardian)

Flown through the night sky
Against the storm’s eye
Struck by a miracle,
Ridden of shackles
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Reunited original lyrics (Undertale)

Standing here at the end
Surrounded by some great friends

I can’t help but turn back,
There’s still something that I am lacking
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