About me

My name is Aria Rose and I love art, music and gaming!

My passion is art. In my spare time I sing, compose music and write. I also love gaming as a hobby.

I hope to one day become really great at music and compose many original tracks. My other aspirations would be to learn how to make games and animate.


Things I do:
♥ Write
♥ Sing
♥ Compose music
♥ Make gaming videos
♥ Draw

Kitsuae outfit by Nachooz med. icon



  1. can we play league sometime together :3?


  2. lighthawk397 says:

    I found you on a whim while looking for undertale secrets, so I decided top look at more of your videos and instantly feel in love with your voice. Thank you so much for doing what you do, and please keep making people feel amazing and wonderful like you did for me.


  3. Hey, I just found you recently after seeing some Undertale covers. I fell in love with your piano Megalovania. I also like your Waterfall cover with the echo flowers. I really love your ideas. Your ideas on Battle Against a True Hero are great as well! I’ll be honest, for awhile I couldn’t get behind your voice because of how high it is. But I got used to it and began to see the beauty of it. I can’t say I like all of your songs/covers, but I love your ideas and creativity. Undertale has become a huge part of my life. I’ll whisper “stay determined” to myself and hum songs that fit my mood during the day. I’m so glad that someone like you was able to contribute to this experience. Please continue doing what you’re doing. I’ll have to start looking into a lot more of your stuff.
    Thank you for reading,


  4. Like

  5. so i was looking for more undertale stuff and sow that animation, and your song was in it, and wow i love your soft cute voice,
    thank u ❤ for making me feel calm while listening to your songs,
    keep up the awesome work ^_^


  6. Cedric lavallard says:

    A beautiful voice for a beautiful girl. Thank you for making what your doing. Continue has long as life permit it. M’y favorite is the megalovania one. Let’s song’dertale the s#¥t out of internet!
    Hihi hoho haha!
    Btw, if you’re not taking guitar lessons these days I can teach you by skype at least if you want to. Here’s m’y email so Just tell me if you’re into it. Acedrooper@gmail.com

    A french fan of yours.


  7. Cedric lavallard says:

    Your welcome! Btw, for the guitar, let me now when you get one.
    It’s nice to talk to (and work with) people that i admire like you.
    Also do you right your song without help cause with the talent you have you can do your own melody too (forget the bad meaning of this sentence).
    Ps: i, the great pap… Cedric am only 15 btw and my english is college level so excuse the grammar mistakes.


  8. Joey Mott says:

    I just found your channel after watching an undertale animation with your megalovania cover in it and I instantly fell in love with your voice. Naturally, I then downloaded and listened to it over and over again until I lost count. More to the point you have a beautiful voice and (judging by your website and such) personallity, and I just hope you keep making videos like this and that your channel becomes a big hit. Fingers crossed 🙂


  9. Hello, I just wanted to say that your songs are so addicting and I love that about good songs such as yours so, for a cliche comment please don’t stop doing what you do best 🙂


  10. I’m gonna have a mild fanboy moment. I was late, but hopped onto the Undertale train, which eventually led me to youtube, like pretty much everything else. And I found your Megalovania song in a video, which led me to the original video and thus this webpage. Blah blah blah so on and so on.

    As an artist myself, I wanted to give you a shout out. You have a lovely voice, and do some lovely work. I want to teach myself the piano, but I have a terrible case of stupid fingers. Any pointers you can give would be much appreciated. Keep it up, kid. I believe in you. Stay DETERMINED.


  11. Hi Aria! I first discovered you by the animation “Megalomaniac,” And checked out your channel. Long story short, you gained a subscriber. Good jub!!!


  12. So I created a picture of Kitsuae as fanart (and I’m sorry if you don’t like the drawing) and I wanted to send a picture of my drawing to you but I’m not sure what way I can send it to you.


  13. Hello, Aria! I found your content via Soundcloud. Your music and remixes is GREAT. I love your content to bits. Keep it up!

    -Asriel Dreemurr.


  14. My names Aria, also. I’m a gamer, artist, love music and YouTuber. :3

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Amethystdia says:

    My brother found the Glitchtale Animation with your song in it, so I decided to check it out and when I saw you did more Undertale covers, I listened to EVERY single one. (Not lying.) When I’m bored at school, I sing your songs because they cheer me up and I even get distracted thinking about the lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad. I love your songs and I encourage you to make more! They sound beautiful and my favourite is the Chara Version of Megalovania. :3


  16. Hello, Aria! I absolutely love your music, and your remixes! I’m wondering what games you play, so some of your fans could play with you! (may/maynot be me =3) Your voice is great, And so are you! ❤

    -Error Sans (Otherwise known as Sangara.)


  17. hayley jury says:

    I commented on some lyrics to The Last Guardian because I think they are absolutely wonderful! I have actually done a cover of a song before and hopefully will be able to soon. Your voice and lyrics are beautiful. I found you one day while looking up Undertale stuff and I heard your songs and fell in love with them! Keep up the great work!


  18. Fiona Fernandez says:

    Hey, is there anyway I can get a hold of you? I love to sing and I’m looking for someone to collaborate with me, like what you did with Radix (which I loved Secret Garden), so I wanted to try it out!


  19. Cory Wilkes says:

    Hi aria. You’ve helped inspire meme to try YouTube and I love your video’s and how you care for other YouTubers and you help anyone you can. I’m normally nervous but I feel comfortable asking you this because not only are you a great YouTuber but you also play pokemon :b I don’t expect an answer of even a yes since this is an odd question and you already do seem to be a busy person. But will you help teach me how to be a great youtuber too? I was also hoping to ask if I could do a male cover of one of your songs or more and letting you have them in your name. That way I can help a fellow youtuber and try to find a path. Thanks if y you read this boring message XD


  20. dragonfire says:

    HI! I am Shawn! i just want to say that you have an amazing voice and I loved your megalovania cover! i am an amateur artist and songwriter and singer i was just wondering if you would take a listen to my original song? i know it suck but it would make my day if you would give me some pointers , and if not well that’s fine the only way to get better is to practice practice practice


  21. hi ! my name is dragonfire007314 I am a HUGE fan !. my first undertale vocal cover that I ever heard was your heartache cover ! it was my instant fav! I am also artist songwriter and singer among other things! I was hoping you would check me out on Soundcloud !if you aren’t willing to it ok! I understand that if a fan asks you to do something and you soon everyone starts asking too! but if you can this is the link https://soundcloud.com/user-622652441/untitled
    any who thank you for the amazing music ! if you can plz do reply !


  22. hello


  23. James Robinson says:

    Dude, your songs are sick. You have the voice of a goddess. Keep on singing girl!


  24. Amazing song cover for Mipha’s Grace, you really nailed her emotions. Your voice and her’s almost if not totally match. That’s probably the reason of why I everytime I listen to it, my emotions goes through the roof. This is my first game that made me feel both depressed and heathbroken. I’m saddened to see what the story could of been with her alive and to see the outcome of the player decision to choose between Mipha or Zelda. Just to make both parties happy.


  25. ZJShadowGirl says:

    Hi! I found you through your Chara megalovania. I also saw that you deleted it? May I ask why? You are an amazing YouTuber!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. Doguhan Kavakli says:

    Hello, do you play on the EU overwatch servers and if so, can we play together? you can just answer me via my email adress that i had to fill in


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