Bonetrousle lyrics (Undertale)

Snowflakes fell down from the cloudy sky like any ordinary day, that was until you came.
It was then I could see it in front of me, a sparkling future filled with friendship and fame.

I spent all of my time making cool puzzles, maybe even hoping to make a great new friend.
Bubbling with excitement, I showed off but you only stared at me with a strange expression.

I had always wanted to meet a human but what I saw then was what I found instead.
Staring at your hands, covered in dusty powder, was when I sensed a looming feeling of dread.

You were heading down a dangerous path, so I decided to welcome you with an embrace.
I really wanted to give guidance but for you, human, there is no way to be saved.

Bro, please dry those eyes.
This is not goodbye.



  1. I love this! Bonetrousle is one of my favourite soundtracks in Undertale.


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