Genoveva by Pemiin watermarked resized

A girl born from the blood of a Heavenly.


Hair is waist length with straight cut bangs and silver in color. Genoveva’s eyes are an icy blue with hints of purple. Her stature is small and skin is extremely pale, as if she isn’t alive at all. Her wings mirror Kitsuae’s.

Personality traits

Calm, inquisitive and logical, Genoveva may come off as cold and uncaring but is kind hearted to the core.


As Fenyiae hit the ground, Genoveva rose from the cracks of her psyche. Holding her emotions close to her heart and understanding the emptiness that filled the Heavens, the
sorceress carried Fenyiae through time to a place that still held the hope she yearned for.




Genoveva icon by eruqi
Artist credit

– Kiitzue
– Pikiru
– Sueweetie
– Eruqi



  1. […] History Having fallen from grace, most of Kitsuae’s history is scattered and broken or protected through Genoveva. […]


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