Kitsuae chibi alt. outfit by Pemiin

The girl you will see most often on my pages! One of my very first characters and the mascot of my channel. She is a sorceress, once a full fledged Heavenly but now resides in the world of Norluune.


Hair is waist length, layered with straight cut bangs. Natural hair color is blonde though half of it is dyed black. Eye color is often heterochromic blue and purple or various shades of blue and purple. Stature is small, flat chested and her skin is quite pale. Being a sorceress, Kitsuae chooses her wings to reflect her fallen status and refuses to don her full feathered wings.

Personality traits

Bubbly, sweet and emotion driven. Alongside these positive traits are recklessness, pride and overthinking.


Having fallen from grace, most of Kitsuae’s history is scattered and broken or protected through Genoveva.








Kitsuae icon by eruqi Kitsuae icon small by getanimated Kitsuae icon by getanimated  Kitsuae icon baby doll by Asterlie Kitsuae parasol icon by Sukiie

Artist credit

– Hyanna-Natsu
– Rosuuri
– Pikiru
– Pemiin
– Nachooz
– Maruuki
– Shouu-kun
– Kiitzue
– Getanimated
– Asterlie
– Sukiie
– Eruqi


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