Fenyiae chibi by Pemiin

A mysterious girl said to be one of the Heavenly. Fairytales and rumors surround her but few know the truth.


Fenyiae’s hair falls just past her waist, layered with straight cut bangs. Her hair color is light blonde and eye color is a deep rose. Stature is small with pale skin. Behind her, she dons feathered wings highlighted with pink accents.


-Very WIP-
Fenyiae once lived amongst the Heavens, a place where there was no fear, pain, nor death. One day she came across a strange artifact, a music box similar to one she had in the past. Intrigued and curious at what tune it played, she opened the music box and listened to its song. A beautiful tune played, filling the room with a tranquil aura. Having finished its song, Fenyiae placed the object in her room and went on with her day.

Soon after, things went awry. The Heavenly were faced with their first taste of death. Confused and panic ridden at this strange phenomenon, they were now introduced to a new sense of emotion, fear. This newfound fear caused many fights and many more deaths. Fenyiae’s close friend, Bunny (placeholder name until I think of something original), stepped in. Skilled in combat and manipulative in nature, she calmed those she could and put a stop to those who couldn’t.

Things went on as normal for a while after that, or so they pretended. It was only a matter of time before many snapped and began to spill more blood. Fed up, Bunny convinced her to run away so they could find a way to end the fighting. As they ran through the crowds, Fenyiae took note of the thousands of feathers scattered on the ground along side those who had fallen.

Nearing the center of the war, Bunny was caught off guard by one of the insane. Staggering slightly yet swiftly recovering and ending their life, she realised they were surrounded. Fenyiae knew they could no longer reach a safer area without getting involved and gathered the shallow magic around her, preparing for a fight. Backing up, her leg caught underneath her and she fell. Irritated, she focused her gaze on the object that caused her to fall. Fear overwhelmed her, the image of a music box filling her vision. New feelings swarmed around her. Guilt, anger and sadness. Unable to control these feelings, she let out a scream and with it all of her emotions. Fire engulfed the Heavens, destroying everything it surrounded.

A feather fell, landing on the ground with no breeze to lift it. The Heavens were dead, yet Fenyiae was still alive. Was it her punishment for destroying the Heavens? Would she wander here, miserable and alone, for the rest of her life? It had been months she had wandered, looking for someone or something. Resting on the balcony of the clock tower, she wondered. Maybe, just maybe, she could find a way to fix everything. There was nothing left here but perhaps somewhere else she would find an answer.

Standing now, Fenyiae made her way to the edge of the tower. Facing away from the edge, she leaned back and began her fall. Emotions burned inside her, tears forming in her eyes before it was all over. A gentle breeze whistled by, picking up feathers along the way…




Fenyiae icon by eruqi Fenyiae icon by getanimated  Fenyiae icon by Asterlie

Artist credit

– Hyanna-Natsu
– Pikiru
– Rosuuri
– Pemiin
– Maruuki
– Shouu-kun
– Nekookie
– Getanimated
– Asterlie
– Eruqi



  1. Rosalie Hearts says:

    Wow Aria! I think you can be a writer soon with this such amazing story writing! ^^ I love her design too! It’s simple but, rather cute <33 Keep up the good work and the beautiful voice you have~

    Greetings from Indonesia!



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