Hirari hirari English lyrics (Vocaloid)

Unravelling like the change of seasons,
Reach and grab hold of these scattered ties
Embrace them all tighly, don’t loosen your grip
So none of them are lost

Unable to move under the weight of distant words,
Why does it feel like I’m falling?
Just as I feel the warm comfort of a soft and fleeting dream,
I awake and realize that I’ve long lost you

In between my fingers, I’ll tie up these emotions
Embracing them all as the color melts around me
The feelings engraved in my mind hurt so much, my heart’s
Fluttering, fluttering, fluttering

To the sky, sea and all around us, I’ll send them off
So that at least one piece will find its way to you
Across time, the colorful ties we made together
Flutter away, flutter far away

I know someday the memory will cross our minds,
Reborn as if those tender feelings never left
In the end, we know our ties are frayed, yet it keeps
Fluttering, fluttering, fluttering

My heart can’t bear the pain of being exposed again
Yet I’d like nothing more than for this last part to reach you
Like a bird escaping from the gently falling rain, I’ll
Flutter away, flutter far away



  1. Theres a typo on Tightly in the beginning ^^


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