Mysterious Clues original lyrics (Mystic messenger)

“Look up at the sky,
Don’t even dare cry
If you shed one tear
The monster will be here”

Everyday I’d pray
Hoping that one of these days,
Hand in hand,
We could run far away

Dreaming of falling stars
And a future that could be ours
“As long as you’re here with me, I’m okay”

But then you left,
Out of no where
Was I left behind?
“Please come back,”

I would beg.

Slowly, days went by
Struggling not to die
I had to keep holding on
To that one lonely thought

“He will come back
To save me
From this hell”

“My brother
Sent from heaven
By god…”
But you never came

I wasn’t saved…

You left me behind
How was I so blind?
All of those bruises
Hurt less than your miserable ruses

Cut our ties
I see your lies



  1. I love this.


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