Waterfall lyrics [Alt ver.] (Undertale)

Deep down, whispers

We can hear
Your inner voice calling

Within your soul
Those feelings
We can see them clearly

Conflict, turmoil
An array of thoughts
Are lingering

Will you fight (Will you choose)
Or will you show them compassion? (To save the ones you love?)

Savior or murderer? (Will you choose)
You must make a choice (Savior or murder?)

Will you mercilessly (Will you set the)
[Will you mercilessly]
Write your wish in the dust? (Demon inside you free?)
[Write in the dust?]

In this world (Will you choose)
[In this world]
Who will win the game of tug of war? (To do the right thing?)
[Who will win this cruel game?]

Will they rise above?
Will they turn to dust?

Will you make them fall?
Will you save them all?

Struggle deep within
Do not let them win



  1. Winnie Zhang says:

    Is it okay for me me to use you lyrics in a post on undertale amino? I’ll credit you and link the oridenal video. Sorry for the trouble


  2. ey Aria….it seems gone on youtube…why??



  1. […] Waterfall original lyrics (Undertale) [Remix ver.] […]


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