Amazing new fangame! – Determination (Undertale Fangame) [Playthrough] Part 1

THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I found this fangame through a post on Reddit and it’s just recently been released so I urge everyone to try it out. :3 There is a way to bypass the need to have a Genocide route completed as well (I think it tells you how when you launch the game, but you can also check out the Reddit thread).

The game basically follows the storyline after a Genocide route. It’s super well made with awesome music, sprites and unique attacks. I think it may even contest Undertale Red but I haven’t gotten to the end yet so I can’t say. :p (Speaking of which, I will be finishing the Genocide route of Undertale Red at some point!)

I was just going to practice and upload a full video when I was done but I thought this would be more fun. n__n If you guys like these types of playthroughs I will continue doing them!

♫♪ Credits ♪♫

Original game: Toby Fox

Game link:
Reddit link:


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