The true name [Chara’s theme/His theme remix] original lyrics (Undertale)

Demon, angel
I will be what you want
Show me what you
find most desirable

I’ll be right there
When you call out my name
Prove to me that
you are determined

Do you feel
Or do you lust
for power?

Long ago,
I had lost
Someone I still love a lot


A very long time ago, I had fallen below
That’s how the story began

It was then I met someone, who called me his best friend
I would bring about his end

They said I was their last hope, why could they never see
There’s no way that could be me

They gave me so much kindness, yet it was not enough
Inside I could feel nothing

Can’t you see
That’s not me

It was then
You showed me
What it’s like to have feelings

So alone, so afraid, have I made you feel this way?
So alone, so afraid, you will always stay the same


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