ASGORE lyrics (Undertale)

Come now child, it is time to fight
In this place that’s bathed in twilight
I do not deserve to be spared by someone as kind as you

Know that I am ridden with guilt
For all of the blood I have spilled
But for the sake of our race I must take on this burden

With the death of our heirs
My happiness and theirs
Turned to utter despair

Stand firm and show no mercy

Flames lapping everywhere
Trident slashing the air
There is no way to spare

I will reclaim our lost hope

To grab hold of the future we deserve
I cannot allow you to live further
Our happiness relies on murder

Stand firm and show no mercy

Do you see the things hidden in my eyes?
Shining through the dark, even though I try
to cast them away from your gentle gaze

I will reclaim our lost hope

I never wanted all this

At what price will this all end?

With your soul I will break the barrier
That still holds us hostage

Would it be wrong to admit that it is all a lie?
Can you see I don’t want you to die?
But I see no other way to save them!

I know now that with all the determination you hold
Even against all of the odds there is no way you will fold

Maybe with all of the hardships you had to face and go through
It would be okay to leave our future up to you

As our battle’s end draws even closer
There is no way I can look into your caring eyes
‘Cause for anyone to feel real happiness
It is true that one of us must die

Though we never really knew each other
Human, it was nice finally getting to meet you
But I fear this may be our final goodbye

Please hurry, defeat me
Take my soul by all means
With it, you can be free
Don’t let go of your hopes and dreams



  1. Amazing Really wonderful!


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