Chara’s encouragement (Undertale core lyrics)

Clutching my blade, I take a deep breath
Filling my lungs with powder
I’ll bury this world in a thick dust
All they can do is cower

Keep moving forward, don’t dare turn back
We’re not nearly done here yet
I’ll watch them melt in front of my eyes
Until there’s nobody left

The weight of the knife held in my hand
Can not compare to my sins
A reset could turn all this around
But I’m determined to win

This game is getting a little dull
With less contenders to play
Will you confront me and show your face
Or maybe you’re too afraid?

Deep down inside
I can feel them

Who do they think
Is in control.
Won’t let go…

I won’t let go of your soul

I can hear them
I can feel my
Blood pulsing

Relentlessly I will erase
This whole world
Come out

I gave them so much hope
But I can’t shake these
twisted feelings

I couldn’t show them mercy
I’d rather murder
them all

Come let me share my l.o.v.e. with you
The end of the world’s in plain view
Together we’ll erase it all
Their kindness will be their downfall

Keep going, we’re getting closer
This massacre’s almost over
Do not hold back we’re getting there
I’ll make sure there’s no one to spare

I won’t let go of
This sensation
There’s still one left



  1. Chara Flakes says:

    Is this on youtube yet?


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