Song of the Kindred lyrics (League of Legends)


Gentle beings touched by light
Dancing with life, they shine bright
Until the day that death casts its shade
We will meet and all else will fade

When life’s thread breaks it’s final strand
Will they flee?
Will they hide?
Or will they take my open hand?

Acceptance they’ll recite
Arrows rip through the light
Peacefully drift into the night

Woven through all things, big and small
The weft and weave of fate guides us all
Near the end, as stars align
It’s up to you to choose how you resign


When death comes for them, why do they try to run in fright?
Through shadows I will hunt, claws and fangs shred day into night.

Desperate and fearful
As they die, tears will fall
Our paths intertwine
All things, one day, cease to shine



  1. Is there any where to still listen to this song because it’s been driving me nuts trying to find it and I have no idea where to listen to it at. It’s been stuck in my head.


  2. Is there any where to still listen to this song at? I’ve been trying to find it for several months and I found the lyrics, but I’m trying to find somewhere I can listen to the song at?


  3. I have one question : What happened to the cover on youtube? :c It was really beautiful and I can’t find it anymore.



  1. […] Song of the Kindred original lyrics (League of Legends) […]


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