Waterfall lyrics (Undertale)

Deep down, whispers
We can hear them all
Your inner voice
What will it tell us
The deepest abyss of your soul
It can’t hide

Conflict, turmoil
Unfaltering kindness
All those feelings mixed up
An array of thoughts

Will you fight or show
True mercy
You have to make that choice

Will you save your friends
Escape then
Show them the world above

Will you set him free
Write your wish in the dust

Two sides are playing
A tough game
An endless tug of war

Which will win
Savior or murderer



  1. 6hanalei9 says:

    Beautiful lyrics


  2. OMG I really like it!!!!!!!!!!!! :3333333 Can I use your lyrics for recording? 😛


  3. Winnie Zhang says:

    Sorry for the trouble but is it okay if I use your lyrics for my piano cover?


  4. Think I will learn this.


  5. Tasha Cross says:

    Is it fine if i use your lyrics and voice for an animation


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